Saturday, August 18, 2007


What a completely disorganised airport. Took us over an hour from our plane to make it to our gate. It's a total mob scene again as everyone must go thru security again and then have to wait and wait to catch a transfer bus to another terminal. There's no organization as people bunch up by the dozens to make it thru each checkpoint....

But we made it to the plane and are ready to board shortly. That clam chowder in Boston is calling my name.... Too bad we won't have time to take in a Red Soxs game..
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Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed following your trip. Sounds like it was a great one. The tombstones were very helpful, looks like there was both a Grandfather Frantisek and an Uncle Frantisek. Also, the monument you photographed may wind up on Laura's website she is building for her students. They study monuments as a reflection on how countries honored their warriers. And BTW, a letter came today from Litomerice, from a daughter of Jaroslav. Seems he died in 1998, but his wife still lives in Frydlant. They sent an email address and all, so it will be a great resource as well as wonderful to have contact with a family member there. Thanks again for sharing your trip with us, and it was so nice to meet the two of you.

Anonymous said...

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