Thursday, August 16, 2007

Saying Goodbye

It's always hard saying goodbye. Especially to those who are so hospitable, friendly and loving. Or a place so charming, romantic, and beautiful as this.

It's been 22 years and a major political transformation since I've been here last. 22 years ago this seemed such a repressed place. I came away convinced of the evils of socialism/communism and a believer in limited government. And that's even truer today.

Freedom and free enterprise are the norm now. So much has changed. The standard of living seems much higher. At least it appears so by the number of cars on the road. Everywhere you look you see signs of Western Culture. From dress to music to movies.

Yet - the past still holds sway. Which is a good thing. It's what binds this proud and beautiful country. I hope it's not lost once the Czech Republic joins the EU.

Freedom is a great opportunity provider. 150 years ago - my ancestors left a very striking and beautiful countryside that had no opportunity due to depression, political mismanagement, and war. They left to a new frontier - one that provided nothing but freedom and opportunity. Talk about guts.....

So instead of goodbye - we say "So Long". As I hope that one day we will meet again. Two Republics - both founded on Freedom and sharing a friendship.

A truly heartfelt thank you to Milan, Zdena, Dascha, Zdenka, and Milanka for their warmness and hospitality.

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