Sunday, August 5, 2007

38,000 ft....

High over the North Atlantic - it's a brisk -64F outside... A little over an hour to go to London.

Dad and I are both pretty tired - but neither of us can sleep. The drone of the engines creates a dull lull... People are stirring restlessly. I envy those who can sleep. I wish I could

I'm glad I don't have to travel this much all the time... It make Dallas to Denver really short....Whew...

Had mystery chicken for dinner on the plane. Not exactly sure what it was... But at least it was warm.

Wonder if they serve Fish and Chips for breakfast? Sure don't want tea and English biscuits.

It's tough being out of contact for so long for a news junkie like me... Did Bonds hit 756? How did Ron Paul do in the debate tonight (or I guess I could say yesterday since it's tomorrow now)?

Guess I'll find out in an hour.....
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