Saturday, August 11, 2007


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Anonymous said...

The parade of Krojs - the native dress of the region villages. Hank

Anonymous said...

I short changed my above message. This parade of Kroj was held in Kyjov. It is held every three years. Itis not unlike Austin's Pecan Street festival. Down the center of the street are booths where artisans market their craft. Food booths are up and down the street as well as the ever present beer booths. Naturally, we gravitated to the Kolace booths. On the stage various groups performed the Czech Beseda dances and in between bands played both traditional Czech music as well as modern. In mid-afternoon a parade takes place whose participants are from the various villages of southeast Moravia all decked out in the native dress - the Kroj.
Each village has its own design and color scheme so you can imagine how colorful the parade was as it passed by. One custom of the men in the parade - each carried a shot glass around their neck and in one of their hands was a bottle of Slivovic the national liquor of the Republic. Every village we were told has its own still to make the Slivovic. The parade lasted over three hours before the last village group passed us by so you can imagine how many villages were present.